Poultry and Meat

Winster Foods is a leading meat specialist providing quality and distinction. We understand the needs of the hospitality and catering industry, always responsive to customers needs supplying products of exceptional standard. Any request is never too much trouble, it is rare to find such quality and service in the market today.

Again we get updates daily on availability, and if it’s something different you are looking for, then why not give us a call.

We also stock a good range of Charcuterie including, Parma style hams, whole or sliced in packets, Chorizo sticks, sliced and loops some cooked and some raw, other salamis include Milano, Napoli, and Jesus to name just a few.


Some of the varieties are; Duck, Wild Mushroom, Wild Boar but many more are available.


  • Baby Corn Fed Chicken (Coquelet Jaune)
  • Black Leg Chicken (Poulet Noir)
  • Corn Fed Sup. (Sup. de Poulet Jaune)
  • Chicken Livers (Foie de Poulet)
  • Chicken Breast – Smoked
  • Duck Breast (Filet de Canette)
  • Duck Breast – Smoked
  • Duck Confit (Confit de Canard)
  • Duck – Whole barbary
  • Goose
  • Guinea Fowl – Supreme (Supreme de Pintade)
  • Guinea Fowl – Whole (Pintade Entire PAC)
  • Quail – Boneless (Quaille Crap)
  • Quail – Jumbo
  • Rabbit – Legs (Cuisse de Lapin)
  • Rabbit – Saddle (Rable de Lapin)
  • Rabbit – Whole (Lapin Entier)

Charcuterie & Sausages:

  • Boudin
  • Bresaola
  • Chorizo
  • Garlic Sausage
  • Hams
  • Merguez Sausage
  • Milano Salami
  • Montbelliard Sausage
  • Morteau Sausage
  • Napoli Salami
  • Poitrine Fume
  • Proscuitto Ham
  • Rosette de Lyon
  • Saucisson Seche Correzien
  • Toulouse Sausage